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Disney's Art of Animation Resort


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Front Lobby
Disney's Art of Animation Resort
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Immediately upon entering the main lobby, visitors are bombarded by a wall of colorful backlit scenes culled from the four movies represented at the hotel. Overhead, a huge chandelier, enhanced by a domed skylight, dominates the entrance area. At the end of each of the fixture's lights is an actual storyboard from the animated films. Disney Imagineer Gary Hoffman said that the unusual chandelier was inspired by the Sputnik sattelite.

Off the lobby is the cleverly named Ink and Paint Shop, the resort's primary retail location. For traditional animation such as The Lion King (as opposed to digital animation such as Pixar's Finding Nemo), inkers and painters apply outlines and color to the animation cels produced by the artists. Note the shop's shelves, which are made to look like oversized paint bottles.

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