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Blizzard Beach Water Park at Walt Disney World, Florida

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Blizzard Beach is a highly themed water park with a wildly inventive high concept: A freak Florida snowstorm inspired Walt Disney World to build a ski resort; when the snow abruptly melted, it transformed the ski runs into water slides. Take a tour of the unique, attraction-packed park.
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  1. More GushingBlizzard Beach guests can test their mettle on a second speed slide, the Slush Gusher.
  2. A Raft of RidesBlizzard Beach offers Teamboat Springs, one of the world's longest family raft rides.
  3. A Raft of RaftsThe Teamboat Springs rafts make their way around the long course.
  4. You Go ThereA tube slide in the Ski Patrol area at Blizzard Beach.
  5. Race You to the BottomEight riders on mats compete against each other on the Toboggan Racers.
  6. Storming the MountainSnow Stormers is another mat slide at Blizzard Beach.
  7. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-DahKids ride a t-bar across a zip line and drop into the water at Blizzard Beach.
  8. Ready, Set, Go!A father and daughter race down a small pair of slides.
  9. It's a Tie!The father and daughter hit the water at the same time.
  10. Is this Global Warming?Kids navigate the iceberg walk.
  11. Running Off Runoff RapidsRunoff Rapids offers two winding tube slide rides.
  12. Who Won?The Downhill Double Dipper is another Blizzard Beach racing ride.
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