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Blizzard Beach Water Park at Walt Disney World, Florida

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Blizzard Beach is a highly themed water park with a wildly inventive high concept: A freak Florida snowstorm inspired Walt Disney World to build a ski resort; when the snow abruptly melted, it transformed the ski runs into water slides. Take a tour of the unique, attraction-packed park.
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  1. Doesn't Look Like a BlizzardThe entrance to Blizzard Beach Water Park at Walt Disney World.
  2. It'll Sleigh YouWhimsical touches include a snow sleigh against the backdrop of palm trees.
  3. Get 'em While They're HotA "used sled" lot at Blizzard Beach.
  4. It's I-lodge-icalThe Lottawata Lodge serves snacks and fast food.
  5. Icy"Icicles" drip from Lottawatta Lodge.
  6. Perhaps Sun Block would HelpThis snow family might want to get out of the sun.
  7. This Creek Don't RiseThe Cross Country Creek lazy river travels around the outside edge of Blizzard Beach.
  8. Well, it is a LAZY RiverLazy rivers like Cross Country Creek can be quitge relaxing.
  9. A Blizzard of FlowersBlizzard Beach does have some lovely landscaping.
  10. Snowed InThe snow-making machine dumps chilly water into the lazy river.
  11. A Tike Heads to Tike's PeakBlizzard Beach offers slides and attractions for younger folks in Tike's Peak.
  12. Snow-capped PoolsThe winter theme extends throughout the park.
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