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Disneyland's Top Ten Best Table Service Restaurants


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Number 3: Steakhouse 55
Disneyland's Top Ten Best Table Service Restaurants
Disney. Used with permission.
Location: The Disneyland Hotel
Cost: High ($35 per adult or more)
Attire: Casual, but you wouldn't feel out of place dressing up at this fine dining establishment.
Food: American featuring steaks (naturally!)
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The dishes rival any high-end steakhouse chain, but the prices at Steakhouse 55, while high, are quite reasonable in comparison. And the upscale restaurant offers something no Morton's or Ruth's Chris could ever match: an old Hollywood ambiance that includes vintage photos of Walt Disney hobnobbing with movie stars.

One of my favorite Disneyland dining tips: If you are looking for a relatively quiet way to start your day (as I like to do), consider visiting Steakhouse 55 for breakfast. The old-school menu hits the spot, and the relatively hushed atmosphere is a welcome contrast to the frenzied mob scene next door at Goofy's Kitchen.

From our panel of judges: AJ Wolfe of Disney Food Blog says that Steakhouse 55 is a classic. "They don't rely on "fussing" up the menu items or the plates to make it seem "fancy." They expect that you know good food when you see it."

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