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Disney World's Top Ten Best Table Service Restaurants


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Number 7: 'Ohana

Walt Disney World. Used with permission.

Location: Disney's Polynesian Resort
Cost: High ($35 to $60 per adult)
Attire: Casual
Food: Polynesian barbeque
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Get ready to eat -- a lot. The food, served family style, keeps coming and coming...and coming. Not unlike a Brazilian steakhouse, 'Ohana prepares its sirloin steak, pork loin, chicken, and shrimp on large skewers and delivers as much of the grilled delicacies to your table as you're willing and able to consume. The long, communal tables and the never-ending parade of skewered meat create a fun, jovial atmosphere. 

I personally think that the food is fine, but wouldn't consider it a top-ten contender. But the consensus of our judges is that 'Ohana does, in fact, deserve a prominent place on the list and belongs among the Disney World restaurants you would want to bring your gang. If you do go, don't forget to bring your appetite.

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