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E Ticket Ride


E Ticket Ride

The Tower of Terror is a modern-day E ticket attraction.

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Definition: In the early days of Disneyland and Disney World, guests paid a nominal fee to enter the parks and then purchased individual tickets for the rides. The parks also offered coupon books which bundled tickets at a discount price. Disney graded its rides from "A" through "E" and offered corresponding tickets. Those labeled "A" rides, such as the Fire Engine that traveled up and down Main Street U.S.A., were the simplest and least expensive attractions. Moving up the alphabet, the attractions were increasingly popular, sophisticated, and cost more to ride. An "E" ticket, which allowed admission to rides such as the Matterhorn Bobsled and Pirates of the Caribbean were the most coveted.

By the early 1980s, Disney phased out the use of individual tickets and instituted a pay-one-price, unlimited-ride policy. The term, E Ticket however, endures. In addition to referring to the creme de la creme of Disney attractions and park rides in general, E ticket is also used to describe anything that is considered to be among the best (or biggest, most exciting, etc.) of its kind.

Also Known As: E Ticket Ride, E Ticket, the best rides, the best of anything
Alternate Spellings: E-ticket, E-Ticket
Original E ticket attractions included:

Modern-day E ticket rides include:

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