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Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, Florida

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A leap of faith at the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.

Jeremy Levine, 2004. Licensed to About.com
Do you wonder how movie directors and stunt drivers stage and pull off chase scenes? The high-energy, high-decibel Lights, Motors, Action! reveals some trade secrets, but no trickery can replace the astonishing split-second accuracy and wild acrobatics demonstrated by the show's motorcycle and car drivers. Evoking the same morbid fascination as matadors and high-wire aerialists, you'll simultaneously wince and cheer as the drivers perform seemingly impossible--and impossibly dangerous--stunts.

Up-front Info

  • Thrill Scale (0=Wimpy!, 10=Yikes!): 1.5
    Loud noises, explosions, lots of (very) near misses.
  • Attraction type: Stadium show
  • Height restriction: None
Lights, Motors, Action! has an enormous bank of stadium seats facing a tricked-out stage with a city street movie set. Imported from Disneyland Paris where it has wowed European audiences, the very Hollywood attraction nonetheless retains its Gallic roots with French names adorning the street's faux shops. During the pre-show, motorcycle drivers rev their engines and perform some simple maneuvers, while the hosts work the audience.

A "director" explains stunt and filmmaking processes and begins the action with what he calls a ballet sequence. A bunch of shiny, nimble Opels sprint onto the stage and engage in a series of brake-screeching, synchronized maneuvers. It's like a motorized version of the Radio City Rockettes; a mistimed pirouette is a heckuva lot more dangerous however when the participants are sports cars rather than leggy showgirls.

The moves are so crisp and precise, I'd swear that the whole show must be computer-programmed and on auto-drive. (But that's a testament to the drivers, not a conspiracy theory.) Cameras catch the action and the Lights, Motors crew instantly replays the stunts on a giant screen.

Herbie the (VW Beetle) Love Bug provides some comic relief. Then the motorcycles join the action. When oil barrels grace the stage of a stunt show spectacular, that can only mean one thing: Those suckers are gonna blow up and deliver some serious plumes of fire.

A stunt man falls off of a roof, snipers race across the stage on jet-skis, and cars teeter on two wheels, jump over one another, and otherwise pull out every chase scene clichŽ for a grand finale of epic proportions. The show's choreography is mind-boggling. It's even more mind boggling to think that the crew repeats the razor-thin-margin-of-error show a number of times daily.

See the Lights, Motors show in Action

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