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Disney's World of Color

Pictures of the World of Color Nighttime Show at Disney California Adventure


World of Color takes the concept of a monochromatic dancing fountains show, such as the one presented at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, infuses it with dazzling color, overlays a judicious selection of colorful Disney and Pixar animated scenes, and creates a production that trumpets new technology and heralds a new era in nighttime spectacular shows.
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The sheer scale of Disney's World of Color is massive.So Colorful, So BeautifulThe dazzling spectacle, Disney's World of Color.Colorful ElementsSome of the show's fountains shoot bursts of colorful water up to 200 feet skyward.Paint the SkyClips from classic animated movies are projected onto a water screen for Disney's World of Color.Giant Roar
Pocohontas, which features the hit song was a natural choice for Disney's World of Color. The Colors of the FountainsDisney's World of Color features scenes from the classic animated film, The Little Mermaid.Under the Sea, Above the BayLike all great attraction, the technology for Disney's World of Color fades into the background.WALL-E and EVE-ASix technical directors run Disney's World of Color from a command center.World of Technology

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