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Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland

The Pirates of the Caribbean take over Tom Sawyer Island at the CA park


Tom Sawyer Island was one of the original attractions that debuted at Disneyland's opening in 1955. In 2007, Disney revised the attraction by adding a Pirates of the Caribbean overlay. According to the fanciful backstory, scoundrels and scallywags from the Pirates ride and films have taken over the island and turned it into their own lair. The island, with its caves, paths, and bridges, still offers guests, especially younger children, a great place to explore and burn off energy; but, as you'll see in this photo gallery, with danger lurking around every bend, they'll need to tread carefully.
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  1. Riff-RaftTom Sawyer's Island is an actual island.
  2. Hands off My Do Rag!Some of the mates operating the rafts for Tom Sawyer's Island can be a bit intimidating.
  3. Smoke on the WaterCaptain Jack and his mates perform "Jack Sparrow's Swashbuckling Adventure."
  4. My Larboard Side is My BestOne of the show's swashbucklers strikes a pose.
  5. These Bootstrappers were Made for SingingThe Bootstrappers perform some pirate shanties on Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland.
  6. Security Is Kinda ShabbyThe pirates have thoughtfully provided a place for folks to store their weapons.
  7. Sword PlayBlacksmith Will Turner's shop is at Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island.
  8. Them BonesGuests can play in the bone cage, which was featured in the film, "Pirates of the Caribbean."
  9. Enter...if Ye DareDead men may tell no tales, but they apparently can build grottoes.
  10. THE Dead Man's ChestAn eerie chest awaits guests who dare to enter the Dead Man's Grotto.
  11. Are the Black Pearls Cursed?Treasures abound in the Dead Man's Grotto at Tom Sawyer Island.
  12. So THAT'S the CurseAt least this poor fool died with a smile on his face.
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