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The Year of a Million Dreams at Disneyland

Photo gallery of 2007 events at California's Disneyland Resort


After wrapping its successful 50th-anniversary celebration of Disneyland last year, Disney launched the multi-park event, The Year of a Million Dreams (which curiously spans 15 months and will continue through the end of 2007). The highlight of the event is a Disney Dreams Giveaway sweepstakes that awards large, small, and one-of-a-kind prizes, such as one-night stays at the ultra-swanky Mickey Mouse Penthouse atop the Disneyland Hotel. See what's in store at Disneyland, inclduing exclusive photos of Mickey's penthouse pad plus new activities for would-be princesses, pirates, and Jedi Knights, Chili Peppers-spiced coasters, and the recomissioned classic submarine ride.
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  1. Mickey, the TV StarThe Mickey Mouse Penthouse suite includes an entertainment center with three TVs.
  2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...The mirror and credenza in the foyer of the Mickey Mouse Penthouse looks innocent enough.
  3. Hiya Pal!Mickey magically appears in the mirror to carry on a conversation with the lucky guests.
  4. Master MickeyMickey figures are displayed in the master bedroom at the Mickey Mouse Penthouse.
  5. Mickey, the ChairmanMickey is everywhere throughout the penthouse, even on the backs of the dining room chairs.
  6. Hench's Hunch about MickeyA quote from the Disney legend John Hench about Mickey figures prominently in the penthouse suite.
  7. Suite DreamsIn the corner is a kid-size animator's drawing table.
  8. Drawn OutDrawing guides on a wall in the penthouse suite could help budding Mickey animators.
  9. Hidden MickeysThere are Mickeys in the children's bathroom of the penthouse suite.
  10. Not Quite Sub-mergedDisneyland's submarine ride will again take guests on a magical underwater journey.
  11. It's Chili in SpaceRockin' Space Mountain is choreographed to a Red Hot Chili Peppers tune.
  12. Yo Ho!Buccaneers can enjoy a hearty "yo ho" when "The Pirates Have Landed" take over New Orleans Square.
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