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Disneyland's Top Ten Best Snacks and Desserts


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Number 4: Mickey-shaped Beignets
Disneyland's Top Ten Best Snacks and Desserts
Disney. Used with permission.
Location: Cafe Orleans and the Mint Julep Bar at Disneyland

You've had your Monte Cristo and Pommes Frites (which really should have made the top-10 best snacks list IMHO) at Cafe Orleans, and you're stuffed out to here. Doesn't matter. You must save room for the Mickey-shaped beignets. Like the beignets at Ralph Brennan's, which also earned a spot on our foodie list, these deep-fried, donut-like morsels come dusted in copious amounts of powdered sugar. Unlike the Downtown Disney desserts, the Disneyland treats are shaped like everybody's favorite mouse, and they come with both raspberry and vanilla bean dipping sauces. If you want a quick fix of Mickey-shaped goodness, you can also score beignets at the nearby quick-service spot, Mint Julep bar.

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