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Disneyland's Top Ten Best Snacks and Desserts


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Number 10 (tie): Red's Apple Freeze
Disneyland's Top Ten Best Snacks and Desserts
Disney. Used with permission.
Running around Disneyland Resort, whether it be yo-hoing with pirates or bonding with the characters, is bound to make you hungry. But there are lots of treats to tempt you throughout the two theme parks, three hotels, and Downtown Disney district. Which snacks and desserts merit your attention, calories, and hard-earned Disney Dollars? The following 13 items (there were some ties for the tenth position), which were chosen by travel scribes, are sure to please your palate. Looking for something more to eat? Check out our rankings of Disneyland's top ten best table service restaurants and Disneyland's top ten best casual and quick-service restaurants. Maybe you are seeking info about Disneyland character dining. To learn about the panel of judges who voted for their favorite things and places to eat, go to the Best Disneyland Dining feature. Let's start the rundown with our (tied) number-10 pick for best snack:

Location: At the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

Our tasty tour begins with a beverage. Served in one of the cute traffic cone-shaped food stands, Red's Apple Freeze is a unique, delectable concoction that blends frozen apple juice with a hint of marshmallow and a touch of whipped passion fruit. It's refreshing and velvety smooth. The taste and texture is a bit similar to Butterbeer, the opiate nearly everybody quaffs at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Next up: Sweet Potato Fries at The Hungry Bear

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