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Disneyland's Top Ten Best Casual and Quick Service Restaurants


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Number 7: Cozy Cone Motel
Disneyland's Top Ten Best Casual and Quick Service Restaurants
Disney. Used with permission.
Location: Cars Land at Disney California Adventure
Food: Snacks and beverages

Impossibly cute and clever, the Cozy Cone brings the wigwam-style motel depicted in the film, Cars, to life, but repurposes the cone-shaped motel rooms as food stands. Each one features something to munch on and a drink, most of which are served in cones (and have silly cone-centric names). Among the choices are "chili cone queso," which is tasty Fritos-enhanced chili served in an edible bread cone, and Fillmore's Fuelin Groovy'ades, a tasty and refreshing lemonade or pomegranate limeade. You can top off that last one with some vodka, if you are so inclined.

From our panel of judges: Lou Mongello of WDW Radio is hip to this California trip of a roadside noshery. "The Cozy Cone Motel doesn't just make you feel as though you've stepped into the world of Cars and pulled into Sally's roadside motel, but food always tastes better when it's served in a cone!"

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