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Carowinds Roller Coasters


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Woodstock Express Roller Coaster at Carowinds Mini Review
Carowinds Roller Coasters

The lift and hill and first drop on the Woodstock Express roller coaster at Carowinds is relatively small.

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About.com Theme Parks Rating for Woodstock Express (0=Blech!, 5=Wahoo!): 3

Carowinds Woodstock Express Up-Front Info

  • Type of coaster: Family wooden
  • Thrill Scale (0=Wimpy!, 10=Yikes!): 3.5
    Mild drops, some lateral G-forces
  • Track length: 1356 feet
  • Height requirement: 46 inches (40 to 45 inches with responsible co-rider)
  • Ride time: 1:30 minutes

If coaster riding is something of an addiction among hardcore fans, Woodstock Express is a gateway drug. The scaled-down woodie is designed as an accessible coaster for those who don't make the height cutoff on big-boy rides but are too old for teeny-weeny kiddie rides. It's thrilling, but not that thrilling. Unfortunately, the mid-1970s ride can get a wee bit rough. Kids closer to the 40-inch end of the height spectrum may find the sometimes-jarring lateral (side-to-side) G-forces a little much. But the icky purple color of the track should calm them down.

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