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The Legend

Wooden Roller Coaster at Holiday World in Indiana

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The Legend

The Legend is one of Holiday World's celebrated wood coasters.

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One of Holiday World's much lauded wood coasters, The Legend does not quite measure up to the park's The Voyage or Raven.

The Legend Up-Front Info

  • Type of coaster: Wood Twister
  • Thrill scale (0=Wimpy!, 10=Yikes!): 6.5
  • Height: 99 feet
  • First drop: 113 feet
  • Other drops: 77 feet, 64 feet
  • Top speed: 59 mph
  • Track length: 4042 feet
  • Height requirement: 48 inches
  • Ride time: 2:00 minutes
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The Legend Features a Double Helix

The Legend is taller, faster, and longer than Holiday World's nearby wood coaster, Raven. That doesn't make it better, however. While it is a fine scream machine, The Legend peters out a bit towards the end of the ride and its elements don't harmonize as well together to produce the fully formed symphony of thrills that Raven delivers.

The Legend shares many of Raven's strong points: Custom Coasters International (the gone-but-not-forgotten wooden coaster wizards) designed the ride with considerable input from Holiday World's president, Will Koch. Much of the course layout is hidden from view to build anticipation and add to the ride's suspense. Undeterred by any midcourse brakes (Koch's motto: "We don't need no stinkin' trim brakes."), The Legend seems to tear through the woods at even greater speeds as it hugs the terrain and flies past trees.

Among its features, The Legend introduces a spiral drop and includes many banked curves. Its most prominent feature, which recalls The Beast at Kings Island in Ohio, is an intense double helix that induces strong lateral Gs.

Located in the Halloween section of the park, the ride's theme is "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," with the Headless Horseman in pursuit of the coaster's hapless passengers.

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