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Scream Zone Coney Island


Coney Island Scream Zone features four thrilling rides.

Coney Island Scream Zone features four thrilling rides.

Luna Park
Opened in 2011 on a barren site next to Luna Park, Scream Zone is part of the first phase of Coney Island's much-heralded rebirth and represents a private-public partnership to help restore The People's Playground to its former glory. The park is quite small, and only offers four rides, but two of them are the first new, major coasters that Coney Island has seen in decades. ("New" is a relative term; Soaring Eagle is a second-hand ride that operated at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado where it was known simply as Flying Coaster.)

As its name implies, Scream Zone is all about screams and thrills. While the coasters don't come close to breaking any records (and are actually fairly tame when compared to some of the world's fastest coasters), they are nonetheless major coasters and a welcome addition to the long-neglected Coney Island.

The Torpedo and Slingshot, however, are not for the faint of heart. They are off-the-shelf thrill rides that are typically upcharge rides at other amusement parks--special rides that are not included with the price of admission and require extra fees.

Scream Zone is operated by the same group that runs the adjacent Luna Park and the Cyclone coaster.

Location and Phone:

Scream Zone at Coney Island is in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, along the ocean.

718-373-LUNA (5862)


The address is 1000 Surf Avenue

Subway: D, F, N, or Q train to Stilwell Ave., the end of the line.

Driving: Belt Parkway to Exit 6. South on Cropsey Ave. toward Coney Island. Cropsey becomes W 17th St. Left onto Surf Ave. to Coney Island's amusement area.

Parking: There are meters on the streets and parking lots in the area. On busy weekends, if everything appears to be full, you could drive about a mile away to Brighton Beach, which has a large parking lot, and walk the boardwalk back to Coney Island.

Tickets and Admission Policy:

There are no gates, and admission to the amusement area is free. Guests can pay a la carte for rides and attractions using a debit system or buy an unlimited ride wristband.

Hotels Near Scream Zone:

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Rides and Highlights:

Scream Zone features two roller coasters and two thrill rides:
  • Soaring Eagle- A flying coaster on which riders navigate the track in a nearly prone "superhero" flying position. Soaring Eagle uses a spiral lift system to climb 50 feet and reaches a top speed of 26 mph.
  • Steeplechase Coaster- Harking back to the legendary Steeplechase Ride that opened at Coney Island in 1908, riders sit on racehorse seats rather than traditional coaster cars. It reaches a top speed of 40 mph.
  • Torpedo- A vertically spinning pendulum ride
  • Slingshot- A reverse bungee ride in which riders in a free-spinning cabin are catapulted skyward.

More Coney Island Info:

Scream Zone is one of a number of concessions along the boardwalk at Coney Island, including Deno's Wonder Wheel Park (which offers a number of rides in addition to the iconic Ferris wheel), The Cyclone roller coaster, Luna Park, The New York Aquarium, and the original Nathan's Famous. Learn more about Coney Island:

Official Web Site

Scream Zone

New for 2011 at Scream Zone:

It's all new! Located next to Luna Park (which debuted in 2010) and operated by the same group, Scream Zone is part of the makeover of Coney Island.

Halloween Event at Coney Island:

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