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Niagara SkyWheel


Niagara SkyWheel

The Niagara SkyWheel at sunset.

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Clifton Hill in Niagra Falls, Canada. (Across from the American Falls.)

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Operating Schedule:

Because the cabins are enclosed, the SkyWheel is open year-round, 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Admission Info:

Individual tickets are available, or riders can purchase a "Fun Pass" that combines six nearby attractions (Movieland Wax Museum, Ghost Blasters interactive dark ride, FX Thrill Ride motion simulator theater, mini-golf, and Falls Tower ride) for a reduced price. Children receive a discount.

Niagara SkyWheel of Canada Directions:

From north Toronto, take the 401 to Hwy. 403S which connects to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW). From south Toronto, take the Gardiner Expressway to the QEW. Follow the QEW to Niagara Falls, to Hwy. 420 and proceed past the Rainbow Bridge, turn right on Clifton Hill.

From the Peace Bridge: At the Peace Bridge Border Crossing, go to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW). Follow the QEW towards Niagara Falls, to Hwy.420 and proceed past the Rainbow Bridge, turn right on Clifton Hill.

Pictures of the Ferris Wheel:

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Niagara SkyWheel Overview:

One of the tallest Ferris wheels (or, perhaps more accurately, observation wheels) in North America, the Niagara SkyWheel is perched across from the American Falls. Its 53-meter (175-foot) height is impressive, but because it's located halfway up the steep Clifton Hill, it offers an even more spectacular view of the Horseshoe and American Falls, the Niagara River, and the surrounding sights.

Each cabin holds up to eight passengers, and the ride ops load and unload six cabins at a time. Since each ride lasts about twelve minutes (approximately six revolutions), the line moves fairly quickly.

The cabins are enclosed and are equipped with air conditioning and heating units, so they remain comfortable under any weather conditions and allow the SkyWheel to operate year-round. The cabins' glass is non-reflective to offer great views and accommodate picture-taking.

The sight of the massive wheel is quite impressive--and can be a tad intimidating. Young children, thrill ride wimps, and folks afraid of heights should have no problems, however. Since they are completely enclosed, the cabins feel safe and secure. And the wheel moves relatively slowly. The purpose of the ride is to offer great views of the Falls, not scare passengers.

It's best to plan a ride on a clear day for maximum visibility. I recommend a sunset spin. The sun sets behind the wheel and lights up the Falls as well as the SkyWheel itself. A nighttime ride would provide great views of the Falls and the colored lights that illuminate them.

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