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A Theme Park Fan's Guide to the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship


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Dudes and Dudettes Can Meet and Talk with Crush
A Theme Park Fan's Guide to the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

You probably wouldn't want to order the turtle soup at Animator's Palate when Crush comes to visit your table.

Disney. Used with permission.
In my humble opinion, one of the most underrated Disney attractions is Turtle Talk with Crush, which is presented at both Epcot and Disney California Adventure. The character from Finding Nemo, who is known for his laid-back demeanor and his surfer-dude patois, interacts live with guests in an astonishing display of real-time animation. You can see an example of the show in an interview I conducted with Crush that is part of a video in which I rank his show one of the five best attractions for kids at Disney World.

You can also see Crush and the technology that brings him to life on full display aboard the Disney Fantasy. Crush actually drops in for visits in two different places. He makes the rounds at Animator's Palate and chats up dinner guests on their second night in the dining room. He can also be found in the Oceaneer Club, the Fantasy's hangout for children. (There are all kinds of other interactive, technological marvels that kids can play with in the club room.)

As with all great theme park attractions, the technology is invisible, and the story takes center stage with the Crush presentations. Adults are dumbfounded, but enchanted by the real-time animation; kids, however, just go along with the flow and nonchalantly, if delightedly, talk with the turtle.

Next up: Sleuthing with the Muppets.

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