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A Theme Park Fan's Guide to the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship


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This Ship Has Plenty of Character
Meeting Characters on the Disney Fantasy

Someday my princess will come.

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Of course, no trip to a Disney theme park would be complete without meeting the Disney characters. Likewise, having some face time with Mickey and the gang is a must aboard a Disney ship.

There are a multitude of characters at multiple locations throughout the ship, many of them dressed in their finest nautical gear. Captain Mickey looks especially sharp in his outfit. The times and locations are published daily in the Personal Navigator that the crew leaves in each stateroom. With so many opportunities and a limited number of passengers, everyone is virtually guaranteed a minimal wait and some quality hang time with the characters.

Near the ship's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, little princesses can meet Disney's princesses. The royal characters seem to be particularly patient and indulge their little subjects with a more generous amount of time than they typically are able to provide in the parks.

Make sure to have your camera handy for the character meet-ups. But don't fret too much if you forget it. A Disney photographer is always at the ready in the meet-and-greet areas -- and around the ship. The Fantasy crew prints all of the photos and places them in a folder for the guests in each stateroom to review. Disney is only too happy to sell passengers the photos (along with imprinted frames, folders, and all kinds of other accessories) for fairly hefty fees. With its family focus, Disney is one of the few major cruise ships that does not include a casino. But it may be making up at least some of the gambling revenue with its photo sales.

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