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A Theme Park Fan's Guide to the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship


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Fireworks? On a Ship? Yup.
Fireworks on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Buccaneer Blast fireworks light the Caribbean sky aboard the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.

Disney. Used with permission.
There is perhaps nothing more iconic at any Disney theme park than fireworks exploding over a storybook castle. Nearly all the parks have a pyrotechnic-filled kiss goodnight show. And wouldn't you know it? The Disney Fantasy has a fireworks show as well.

The only cruise line to offer fireworks at sea, the Fantasy lights the sky on the night that it features pirate-themed fun. In true Disney fashion, it isn't a few random bursts fired into the air, but part of a choreographed show. Passengers get into the yo-ho spirit during dinner by donning 'do rags and other pirate gear distributed in the ship's dining rooms. They assemble on the pool deck (with floorboards placed over the pools to accommodate the large crowds) and watch a film presentation on the Jumbotron screen that kicks off the Pirates IN the Caribbean celebration.

Human pirates than emerge from behind the screen to take over the ship, but are thwarted by Captain Jack Sparrow. He rises out of the top of one of the ship's stacks and rides a harness down to engage the menacing pirates in a corny skit that involves swordplay, Poseidon, and a golden goblet. When Jack takes possession of the goblet, he tosses it skyward to launch the Buccaneer Blast fireworks.

By Disney park standards, the fireworks aren't all that spectacular. But, the fact that they are even included on a ship is pretty amazing. Flares fired from both of the funnels accompany the firework blasts on the starboard side of the ship. The whole shebang is synchronized to music. While the show isn't worthy of a Disney castle, the finale is nonetheless impressive. The show is followed by Club Pirate, a themed dance party on the pool deck.

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