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Splashin' Safari
Adjacent to Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN

The massive ZOOMbabwe enclosed water slide.
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Splashin' Safari overview

Things to know

  • Location:Santa Claus, IN (in the southern part of the state, near Kentucky)
  • Phone: 877-GO-FAMILY (Toll-free)
  • Admission to the park is included with Holiday World admission
  • As in Holiday World, unlimited soft drinks are free
  • Inner tubes are free
  • Sunscreen is available at no additional charge
  • On hot days, Splashin' Safari tends to get crowded in the afternoon. Go early or late in the day (and ride Holiday World's great coasters mid-day with almost no wait) to avoid the throngs.


  • ZOOMbabwe- World's tallest enclosed water slide
  • The Watubee family raft slide
  • Otorongo enclosed speed slides
  • Monsoon Lagoon interactive water play and slide area

Splashin' Safari review

ZOOMbabwe overview

ZOOMbabwe review

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