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Hurricanes are Brewing at Six Flags
Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags New England

The new Hurricane Falls tower will feature brightly colored slides named after infamous hurricanes.
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Hurricane Harbor
Agawam, Massachusetts (near Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT)
Affiliated theme park:Six Flags New England

On busy, hot days, the water park that up until this season was known as Island Kingdom could become incredibly crowded. The wall-to-wall gaggle of swimmers in the wave pool would unwittingly body surf into one another; it was the water park equivalent of a mosh pit. With a second wave pool opening in the newly named Hurricane Harbor, perhaps Six Flags New England guests will be able to reserve their moshing for the Lollapalooza tour this summer.

Among other attractions included in the expanded park is the unique Tornado. Riders on tubes will shoot down an enclosed slide into what appears to resemble an open funnel. They will slide back and forth, as in a half-pipe, before being deposited in a splash pool.

The new Hurricane Falls tower complex will offer six body slides, including some twisting enclosed slides and some straight speed slides. The brightly colored rides will be named after hurricanes such as Bertha and Lola. Another new tower will use cloverleaf-shaped inner tubes to send three to four riders high-tailing it down Geronimo Falls and Zooma Falls, its two enclosed tubes.

The new wave pool, called Monsoon Lagoon, will also include some interactive children's play areas. All of the debuting attractions will help Hurricane Harbor nearly double its capacity. New changing rooms will also help alleviate the crowding. Other water rides include the Swiss Family Toboggan family raft ride and a lazy river. One ticket includes admission to the ride park and Hurricane Harbor. Six Flags New England is the home of About Theme Park's top-rated steel coaster, Superman: Ride of Steel.

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Photo: ©Six Flags 2003. Used with permission.

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