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Pacific Park
Santa Monica
(310) 260-8744
Classic-style seaside pier park, built in 1996.

Palace Playland
Old Orchard Beach
(207) 934-2001
A traditional, small seaside amusement park. Its wooden coaster burned down long ago and its glory days along with it. Other attractions at the beach include a long, joint-filled pier and dozens of tacky T-shirt shops. Oh yeah, the beach itself is pretty nice.

Paramount's Carowinds
NOTE: Paramount sold the park in 2006. It is now known simply as "Carowinds."
South Carolina
(800) 888-4386

Paramount's Great America
Santa Clara (near San Francisco)
NOTE: Paramount sold the park. It is now known as "California's Great America."

Paramount's Kings Dominion
Doswell (near Richmond)
(804) 876-5000
NOTE: Formerly known as "Paramount's Kings Dominion," Paramount sold the park in 2006. It is now known simply as "Kings Dominion."

Paramount's Kings Island
Mason (near Cincinnati), Ohio
NOTE: Paramount sold the park. It is now known simply as "Kings Island."

The Park at Mall of America
Bloomington (near the Twin Cities), Minnesota

Pavilion Nostalgia Park
Myrtle Beach (At Broadway at the Beach)
A handful of the rides, including the historic carousel and band organ, that used to be at the closed Myrtle Beach Pavilion are at this mini ode to the seaside park.

Pedroland (South of the Border)
South Carolina
(800) 845-6011
Motorists traveling along I-95 can't miss Pedroland. The billboards start building anticipation hundreds of miles in advance of the landmark. More a truck stop/roadside attraction that grew to enormous proportions than an amusement park, Pedroland includes a few rides, like a Ferris wheel and bumper cars, among the tacky gift shops, restaurants, and other diversions.

Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom
The park is closed.

Pirate's Fun Park
Salisbury Beach (near the NH border)
(800) 765-3973
At one time, Salisbury Beach was quite the happening place. The wooden coaster, the Frolics ballroom, Shaheen's rides, the lovely carousel, and more are gone. Like many seaside amusement centers, its heyday was long ago. In fact, there is hardly anything left except for this small amusement park. It includes a neat dark ride and a few family and kiddie rides.

Pixieland Amusement Park
(925) 689-8841
Small park for young children.

Ocean City (on the Jersey shore)
New Jersey
(609) 399-4751
Another great Jersey Shore park with four coasters and a freefall tower ride.

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