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US Theme Parks
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Farmington (near Salt Lake City)
(800) 748-5246
Traditional amusement park with classic and modern rides, including the circa-1920s wooden White Rollercoaster. One price includes admission to the Lagoon A Beach waterpark.

Lake Compounce
Bristol (near Hartford)
The country's oldest continuously operating park (it first opened in 1846), Lake Compounce is surrounded by a lake and wraparound mountain. Boulder Dash, which I rank as the top wood coaster, is built into the side of the mountain. Includes a small waterpark.

Lakemont Park
One of the country's oldest still-operating trolley parks.

(303) 477-1621
Traditional amusement park. Features the circa-1940 Cyclone wooden coaster.

Lake Winnepesaukah
(877) 523-3946
Small, traditional amusement park. Known as "Lake Winnie" to the locals. Features the Cannon Ball wooden coaster.

Land of Make Believe
Hope (near PA border)
New Jersey
(908) 459-9000
Small park for younger children with family coaster, hayride, and Christmas Village meet and greet with Santa. One price includes admission to Pirate's Cove waterpark.

Legoland California
Carlsbad (near San Diego)
(760) 918-5346
Geared to younger children, this charming park takes the ubiquitous toy building blocks and transforms them into enchanting attractions.

Legoland Florida
Winter Haven
Lego-themed park for the 12-and-under set.

The traditional amusement park, which included Elvis' favorite ride, the Zippin Pippin wood coaster, closed in 2005.

Little A-Merrick-A Amusement Park
(608) 655-3181
Small park features a 2.5-mile train ride through an exhibit of exotic animals. Also includes bumper boats, go-karts, mini-golf, and a restored Roll-O-Plane. The park is named for its owner, Lee Merrick (get it?).

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