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California's Great America
Santa Clara (near San Francisco), CA

Camden Park
Huntington (near Charleston)
West Virginia
(304) 522-8320
Small classic trolley park features the Big Dipper wood coaster and the usual amusement park suspects, such as Dodgems and a log flume.

Camp Snoopy-- Now known as Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America
Bloomington (near the Twin Cities)

New Orleans
(504) 482-4888
A small park for young children located at New Orleans' City Park.

Canobie Lake Park
Salem (near the MA border)
New Hampshire
(603) 893-3506
A wonderful, traditional trolley park, and one of the last remaining family-owned, independent parks.

NOTE: Paramount sold the park in 2006. It is now known simply as "Carowinds."
South Carolina
(800) 888-4386

Casino Pier
Seaside Heights
New Jersey
(732) 793-6488
How do they cram 35 rides, including a roller coaster and a Sky Ride onto a narrow pier? Beats me, but they've been doing it for years on the Jersey Shore. There are waterpark rides also.

Castle Park
(909) 785-3000
Huge family entertainment center with an arcade, mini-golf, and a small ride park.

Castles 'N Coasters
(602) 997-7575
A small park with two steel coasters

Cedar Point
Sandusky (on Lake Erie)

Celebration Centre
Logan, UT
(435) 752-4215
The home of ride manufacturer S&S Power, this small park sort of serves as a demo site. Parking and admission are free. Guests can either pay per ride or purchase a 1/2-day pay-one-price ticket for unlimited rides. Rides include the Screamin' Swing, Sky Sling, Sonic Boom drop tower, SkyCoaster bungee swing, go-karts, and mini-golf.

Celebration City
(800) 952-6626

Children's Fairyland
(510) 452-2259
Small lakeside storybook park

City Park
New Orleans
(504) 482-4888
Downtown recreation area includes the Storyland themed playground and a small roller coaster.

Clark's Trading Post
North Woodstock (in the White Mountains)
New Hampshire
(603) 745-8913
More a roadside attraction that's grown through the years than a theme park, Clark's nonetheless offers "Merlin's Mystical Mansion," a spinning room illusion attraction, bumper boats, an antique train, and other rides. The highlight is the trained bear show.

Clementon Amusement Park
Clementon (Near Cherry Hill)
New Jersey
(856) 783-0263
Turn-of-the-century park with a wooden roller coaster, thrill rides, zoo animals, and a waterpark.

Cliff's Amusement Park
New Mexico
(505) 881-9373
New Mexico's only park now features the Rattler, a world-class wood coaster. Also includes a log flume, steel coaster, and the usual assortment of dry and wet rides.

Como Town
St. Paul
(651) 487-2121
Small park for younger children. Located next to the Como Zoo and Conservatory.

Coney Island
Coney Island, Brooklyn
New York

Coney Island
(513) 232-8230

Conneaut Lake Park
Conneaut Lake (2 hours northwest of Pittsburgh)
The park closed in 2007.

Crossroads Village
Crossroads Village (near Flint)
(800) 648-PARK
Turn-of-the-(last) century park with 30 re-created shops and buildings and historical interpreters in period costumes. Attractions include a carousel, steam train, paddlewheel boat, and a 1912 Ferris wheel.

Cypress Gardens Adventure Park[
Winter Haven
(863) 324-2111

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