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12/28/02 - Best Theme Park Attractions Best-of lists are a great end-of-the-year tradition. Here are my 10 best theme park attractions. Maybe you could incorporate them into your 2003 resolutions as places to go and things to do. It sure beats vowing to lose weight or swear off profanity.

12/21/02 - That's Amore An upscale, extraordinarily romantic restaurant at a theme park? Si. Theme park travel guide writers Rick and Gayle Perlmutter say that they could easily exhaust their entire inventory of superlatives lauding Delfino Riviera at Universal Orlando.

12/13/02 - The Royal treatment--at a commoner's price With everything the new, luxurious Royal Pacific Resort has to offer, not the least of which is reasonable rates, this is the place to stay at Universal Orlando. And you get to skip the theme park lines to boot!

12/5/02 - 10 Things Not To Miss at Walt Disney World Theme park travel guide writers Rick and Gayle Perlmutter offer their list of the things they believe every Walt Disney World visitor should experience. From dining tips to attraction must-sees, check these recommendations before you visit the Mouse.

11/27/02 - It's Disney's most wonderful time of the year Like some idealized Currier and Ives vision tucked away in our collective conscious, Walt Disney World delivers a Christmas wonderland of epic proportions. Check out the 2002 holiday happenings at the WDW theme parks--and Universal Orlando too.

11/22/02 - Oh what fun it is to ride Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and New Year's are times for families and friends to gather together, exchange presents, gorge on enormous meals, and engage in all of the usual holiday hoopla. Add an emerging tradition to the festivities: visiting theme parks. Here's the scoop on where to find park fun for the 2002 holiday season.

11/5/02 - Last chance to join The Disney Club Bargain hunters save Disney Dollars by flashing their Disney Club cards. But Disney is ending its club next year and will stop accepting new members this December. If you are planning a Disney vacation, you may want to join now before it's too late.

10/29/02 - Come on inside, the water's fine It might be fifteen degrees below zero, but the owners of Alaska's new H2Oasis indoor waterpark, where the temperature will always be a balmy eighty-six degrees, hope that mukluk-wearing Alaskans will be thinking about wearing bikinis this winter.

10/17/02 - It's an expensive World after all Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Well, there is some bad news and good news: Disney raised its single-day admission price $2 to an even $50, but vacationers can get a discount by purchasing selected passes in advance. Read how to save.

10/8/02 - Rock in a haunted place With its never-ending soundtrack of amped-up music and displays of KISS' kabuki-meets-Dracula stage attire, only the Eurythmics would associate the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando with sweet dreams. But nightmares may be more in order as the hotel ties in with Islands of Adventure's popular Halloween Horror Nights by offering a "guaranteed" haunted hotel room.

9/26/02 - Parks scare up Halloween events Seasonal parks used to pack away their coaster cars and shut their gates at the end of the summer. Park fans would have to repress their screams until the following spring. But many parks now remain open through October and scare up fall business with Halloween events. Here are some of this season's bigger and more popular haunted happenings.

9/10/02 - Six Flags guests get out of line Nobody likes waiting (and waiting) in lines. That's why Six Flags is introducing the FastLane line management program at some of its parks. Does it work? Is it worth the extra charge? Learn some tips to get the most out of FastLane.

8/28/02 - It's a changed world after all The events of 9/11 affected no industry more profoundly than travel. A year after the cataclysmic happenings, a panel of travel industry experts takes a look at the state of theme parks. How have they been faring? What does the future hold?

8/15/02 - Capital coasters at Six Flags America When the political doublespeak inside the Washington Beltway makes it hard to tell up from down, the coasters at Six Flags America, just outside the nation's capital, can help restore a sense of direction.

8/1/02 - Give your teacher (or students) some thrills Oh no! Is it time to start thinking about going back to school already? Well, if we can't be at amusement parks or theme parks riding roller coasters, at least we can study about them in the classroom. Amusement park rides are grand examples of physics principles in action. Learn about the science behind the thrills.

7/25/02 - Crash the 2002 Thea Awards! The Thea Awards, given by the Themed Entertainment Association, is the park industry equivalent of the Oscars. TEA is offering About Theme Parks users the unique opportunity to attend the gala event, scheduled for September 28 in Hollywood.

7/24/02 - Christmas in July Santa reigns dearly at his summer hangout, Holiday World, in southern Indiana. In addition to the Christmas themeing, the wonderful family park features two world-class wooden roller coasters.

7/16/02 - And in the drink you'll drop
Are you afraid of the dark? If so, you may want to skip ZOOMbabwe, the new 887-foot long enclosed water slide at Splashin' Safari waterpark in southern Indiana. It sends riders hurtling through a maze of pitch-black darkness for 50 seconds.

7/3/02 - Bug out on Universal's MIB ride
So, you Will Smith-wannabes think you have the stuff to join the Men in Black? Slip on the black shades, enter the "recruitment program" at the MIB Alien Attack attraction in Universal Studios Florida and find out.

6/23/02 - Get up to speed with the latest rides
What's new for 2002? Coasters generally hog the spotlight when parks roll out their latest and greatest attractions to lure you through their turnstiles each season. While the thrill machines' marquee value is undeniable, parks and fans cannot live on roller coasters alone. So what other new rides and attractions will have you going gaga this year?

6/12/02 - New coasters put the "high" in high-tech
This year's crop of roller coasters includes newfangled elements that add some twists and turns to the ride experience. Find out where all the new coasters are this season.

5/30/02 - 2002 Top 10 Coasters
The Discovery Channel recently aired its annual "Thrills, Chills and Spills" program showing its choices for the top 10 roller coasters. Of course your About Guide, park junkie that he is, has to weigh in with his own coaster countdown.

5/28/02 - Spidey & Star Wars: The Rides
Along with their critical thumbs and star ratings, blurb-happy movie reviewers and the agencies that create newspaper ads love to describe films as "Non-stop thrill rides!" Well, this summer's mega-movies, Spider-Man and the latest Star Wars installment actually are thrill rides. Universal's The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Disney's Star Tours use motion simulator technology to place guests in the center of the action.

4/18/02 - 100 Years of Magic event at Walt Disney World
Resort-wide event, which continues through the end of 2002, celebrates the creative genius of Walt Disney. Learn about the special attractions, parades and shows developed for the celebration.

4/17/02 - Discovery Cove
Learn how you can swim with the dolphins at this tony Sea World Orlando park.

4/16/02 - Lake Compounce
The oldest continuosly operating amusement park in America is in Bristol, CT. More than just nostalgia, however, this beautiful park features great rides, including one of the best wood coasters anywhere.

4/15/02 - Coaster Wimps
Does the very thought of boarding a major roller coaster wig you out? Have no fear! Your About.com guide has some suggestions to ease you into the big coaster leagues.

4/12/02 - Preview of Royal Pacific Hotel at Universal Orlando
In its bid to transform into a full-fledged destination resort, Universal Orlando will be opening its third and largest themed hotel, the Royal Pacific, this summer. Check out this preview and learn how to jump to the front of Universal's ride lines.

4/10/02 - The Incredible Hulk coaster at Islands of Adventure
Your About.com Guide's coaster chroncile for the wild launched coaster at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure park.

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