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San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park
One of the nation's finest zoos
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In brief
Take a break from the roller coasters and animatronic creatures and spend some time gawking at real animals. The San Diego Zoo is among the best and most beautiful zoos in the U.S. One of the pioneers in the use of natural habitat exhibits, as opposed to traditional iron-bar cages, the zoo allows guests up-close views of an incredible variety of animals. To see animals in an even more natural environment, head over to the Wild Animal Park (separate location, separate admission). There you can take a 50-minute train ride through acres of animals roaming freely or embark on a walking "safari" tour. For a special treat, plan your visit to be at the zoo around dusk when most of the guests have gone and it's just you and the animals.

  • Zoo location: San Diego, CA
  • Zoo phone: 619-234-3153
  • Wild Animal Park location: Escondido (near San Diego), CA
  • Wild Animal Park phone: 760-747-8702

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Wild Animal Park:
  • Wgasa Bush Line Railway
  • Heart of Africa walking tour
  • Condor Ridge
  • Kilimanjaro Safari Walk

Photo: (C) San Diego Zoo 1998. Reprinted with permission.

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