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Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas

Cool Water Park Fun in the Sizzling City


Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas photo

Among the attractions is Desert Racers, a 44-foot tall, six-lane mat racing slide.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks. Used with permission.

Wet 'n' Wild is an odd juxtaposition within this bizarro zone: an ode to water fun where water is as scarce as a slot machine jackpot. When the mercury soars above 100 degrees, as it routinely does in the summer, the park is indeed an oasis.

Like its sister parks, Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix and Wet 'n' Wild Hawaii (Wet 'n Wild Orlando is owned by another company), the Vegas water park includes a great assortment of attractions and a few that may scare the pants, um, bathing suit, right off of you.


  • The Rattler, the first ride of its kind in North America, sends passengers soaring down a twisting course in three-passenger rafts and through two "rattlers," slide elements that send the rafts rocking back and forth horizontally along the walls of the chute.
  • Canyon Cliffs, a speed slide that begins over 40 feet in the air in launch capsules.
  • Hoover Half Pipe, a ride that combines a whitewater rafting experience with a half pipe finale. A 57-foot drop will send passengers zooming up a wall and free-falling back down.
  • The park says that Constrictor, an enclosed tube ride, includes the tallest and tightest banking turns of any water slide in the world.
  • Splash Island is an enormous interactive water play center that includes two tipping buckets.
  • Bring sandals. The Vegas sun can make the park's walkways lethal for unprotected feet.
  • Use sunscreen. Take whatever your mother told you about sunburns and multiply it by a factor of ten to compensate for the desert's unforgiving rays.

See the Park

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New for 2014

Riders aboard cloverleaf rafts will plunge down a 100-foot slide, enter a huge funnel, swish around a few times, and get dumped into a splash pool.

Location and Directions

The address is 7055 S. Fort Apache Road.

The park is located on the outskirts of the city, about 11 miles from the Strip. From I-15, take Exit 36 toward 215 W. Take 215 W to Exit 17, left onto W. Sunset Rd., left onto S. Fort Apache Road to the park.



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Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas
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