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Las Vegas and Nevada Water Parks


Las Vegas and Nevada Water Parks

The original Wet 'n Wild (pictured) closed in 2004. A new park with the same name opened in 2013.

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It may seem surprising to find water parks in the desert. But don't forget. This is Las Vegas we are talking about. The home of the sinking pirate ships (every hour, on the hour), exploding volcanoes, dancing fountains, and other grand-scale improbabilities. So, why not water parks? Why not indeed.

Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Major outdoor park.

Las Vegas Wet Water Park Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada
Proposed indoor and outdoor water park resort and casino

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Major outdoor park.

Wild Island
Medium-sized outdoor water park with a wave pool, speed slides, lazy river, family slides, Hurricane Cove kids area, and Scorpion half-pipe tube ride.

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