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What's New at Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, and Water Parks?

The Latest Theme Park Buzz


Index of 2004 Articles and Content on the About Theme Parks Site

What's New at the U.S. Disney Parks for 2004?
Disney's California Adventure will be getting its own Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Stitch will be trying to Escape Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Also, read about the Animal Kingdom's Expedition Everest and Soarin' Over California (coming to Epcot). Be sure to check out the photo galleries too.

Drool's Out for Summer: What's Up at Six Flags for 2004?
Do you want to know what's new at the Six Flags parks for the 2004 season? Well, not a heck of a lot. Even though Six Flags won't be debuting a bunch of new high profile attractions over which we can drool, there will be some new coasters, a lot of water rides, and a great new ticket-buying option to help get us into the parks and onto the rides even faster.

Take a Sneak Peek Under The Mummy's Wraps
When it opens this year at Universal Studio parks in Hollywood and Florida, the highly anticipated Revenge of the Mummy will meld a dark ride's highly immerssive, rich storytelling environment with a wild launched coaster experience. It looks to be the next generation of theme park attractions. Check out my exclusive preview, including scene-by-scene details of the ride.

Take These New Coasters for a Spin-- The 2004 Coaster Class
Check out the 2004 North American roller coaster crop, including Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios parks in Hollywood and Florida, Journey to Atlantis, the hybrid coaster/flume coming to SeaWorld San Diego, Hersheypark's launched coaster, Storm Runner, the Borg Assimilator flying coaster at Paramount's Carowinds, and a gaggle of spinning coasters.

Slip Sliding Away: What's new at water parks for 2004?
There will be water, water everywhere this year: new water parks, re-themed water parks, new water park attractions, new indoor water parks. It seems we just can't get enough water ride fun, and parks are only too happy to oblige us. Let's take a look at some of this year's highlights.

The Borg Invade Las Vegas and Germany and Other 2004 Park Attractions
Read about the new Star Trek attractions opening Germany and Las Vegas this season, as well as Scooby-Doo's Haunted Mansion interactive dark ride, the new rides coming to California's Legoland, and more new stuff debuting at theme parks and amusement parks this season.

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Parks
Where to find 2004 Christmas and Holiday events at theme parks and amusement parks.

The Theme is Halloween
Where to find 2004 Halloween events at theme parks and amusement parks.

Park News Briefs
Catch up on the world of theme parks with a roundup of news briefs . Note that the links to online newspapers and other resources may be outdated and not work for older stories.

The 2003 Attractions
Read about last year's crop of coasters, attractions, shows, and other park news.

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