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Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in Washington


Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in Washington

Wild Waves is one of the theme parks in Washington.

Wild Waves. Used with permission.
Washington theme parks and amusement parks are arranged alphabetically.

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Enchanted Village
Federal Way (near Seattle)
(No longer run by Six Flags, the park is now known as Wild Waves.

Fun Forest
(206) 728-1585
Small, urban park in Seattle Center (next to the Space Needle) includes a handful of kiddie rides and a few thrill rides.

Riverfront Park
(800) 336-PARK
Publicly run park, on the banks of the Spokane River (and the site of Expo '74), includes an IMAX large-screen theater, a carousel, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and a few other rides.

Wild Waves
Federal Way (near Seattle)
Medium-size amusement park with a water park. Used to be run by Six Flags (which called the amusement park Enchanted Village).
Affiliated water park: Wild Waves Water Park.

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