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Amusement Parks and Theme Parks in Pennsylvania


Amusement Parks and Theme Parks in Pennsylvania

Sesame Place is one of the many theme parks in Pennsylvania.

Busch Entertainment. Used with permission.
This is one park-crazy state. At one time, there were more than 50 amusement parks throughout Pennsylvania. As in other places, the Great Depression, the advent of the automobile, the rise of destination theme parks, and other events led to the demise of many parks, but there are still a considerable number of places to ride roller coasters throughout the state (and some that date back many years), including such major parks as Kennywood, Hersheypark, and Dorney Park.

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Bushkill Park
(610) 258-6941
Small turn-of-the-century park with an antique carousel, Tilt-A-Whirl, Whip and the oddly spelled "Barl of Fun."

Conneaut Lake Park
Conneaut Lake (2 hours northwest of Pittsburgh)
The park closed in 2007, but reopened again starting in 2009.

DelGrosso's Amusement Park
Tipton (in the center of PA)
(814) 684-3538
Known for nearly 100 years as Bland's Park, the small, traditional amusement park now bears the name of the family that has been running it for decades. The DelGrossos are also known for their line of pasta sauces, so it should be no surprise that the park offers some decent food. Rides include an antique carousel and a small roller coaster. Small adjacent waterpark.

Dorney Park
Part of the Cedar Fair chain (that owns parks such as Ohio's Cedar Point and California's Knott's Berry Farm), Dorney Park boasts some great coasters and classic rides.

Dutch Wonderland
Geared to families with younger kids.

The classic chocolate-themed park.

Ligonier (East of Pittsburgh)
Geared to families with younger kids.

West Mifflin (near Pittsburgh)
One of the country's great, classic trolley parks. A wonderful blend of vintage and contemporary rides. For sheer thrills, it's hard to beat the Phantom's Revenge hypercoaster.

Elysburg (in the center of the state)
Great traditional amusement park.

Lakemont Park
One of the country's oldest still-operating trolley parks.

Seasme Place
Langhorne (near Philadelphia), Pennsylvania
Includes water park rides as well as dry rides.

Waldameer Park
Traditional ride park with a good-sized waterpark.

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