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Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in Oregon


Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in Oregon

Oaks Park is one of the theme parks in Oregon.

Oaks Park
There are a couple of major parks in the state:

Enchanted Forest
(503) 363-3060
Storybook Lane, Western Town, and Old Europe are among the park's themed areas. Rides include the unique Ice Mountain Bobsled roller coaster. The cars hug the ride's tunnels so closely that they include Plexiglas shields to prevent passengers from placing themselves in harm's way.

Oaks Park
(503) 233-5777
One of the country's oldest trolley parks, the turn-of-the-century Oaks includes the steel Looping Thunder coaster.

Thrill-Ville USA
Thrill-Ville closed in 2008.

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