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Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in Massachusetts


Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in Massachusetts

Six Flags New England is one of the theme parks in Massachusetts.

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Parks are arranged alphabetically.

Edaville USA
Carver (near Cape Cod)
(877) 332-8455
The authentic steam train is the star attraction here. Also includes some kiddie rides. Special events include the fall Cranberry Harvest Festival and the holiday-themed Festival of Lights. All aboard!

Salem Willows
(978) 745-0251
This place is so small, it barely qualifies as an amusement park. And it has seen better days. Having said that, Salem Willows (named for the stately willow trees that line its promenade) is located on a stunning peninsula, surrounded on all sides by the ocean. The circa 1926 carousel is charming, the cruise line is delightful, the buttered popcorn may be the world's finest, and you haven't truly lived until you've had a Salem Willows chop suey sandwich.

Six Flags New England
Agawam (near Springfield and Hartford, CT)
Major park with a great collection of coasters, including the highly acclaimed Bizzaro (Superman).
Affiliated water park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags New England

617-375-WITS (9487)
If you're looking for some unique fun in Boston, check out the TOMB attraction at the 5WITS venue. It's a highly interactive walk-through adventure chock-a-block with theme park and movie flourishes.

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