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2004 About Theme Parks


2/24/04 Drool's Out for Summer: What's Up at Six Flags?
Do you want to know what's new at the Six Flags parks for the 2004 season? Well, not a heck of a lot. Even though Six Flags won't be debuting a bunch of new high profile attractions over which we can drool, there will be some new coasters, a lot of water rides, and a great new ticket-buying option to help get us into the parks and onto the rides even faster. Hey! Quit that salivating, and click on over to find out what Six Flags has in store for us this year.

2/10/04 It's a Jungle In There
Like a mirage in the parched desert (er, better make that the frozen tundra), the Kalahari Waterpark Resort's improbable indoor water park building stretches at least a couple of football fields in length along the highway that runs through Wisconsin Dells. Even when it's 32-below with the wind-chill factor outside, there are bathing suit-clad folks shedding their cabin fever and soaking up the Kalahari's African-themed water park fun within. Welcome to indoor water park Shangri-la.

2/2/04 A Lotta Water: Who Has Wisconsin Dells' Biggest Water Park?
A number of Wisconsin Dells water parks claim to be the largest. Who's really king of the water slide mountain, and who's taking us for a ride?

1/20/04 California Adventurers to Enter a Dimension of Sight, Sound
The West Coast version of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror debuts later this year at Disney's California Adventure. Read about Disney's new 2004 attractions, as well as what's coming next and what recently opened at California's Disneyland Resort and Florida's Walt Disney World.

1/20/04 It's a Blast
The Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells is one of the first indoor water parks to feature a water coaster. By using jets of water to propel two-person rafts uphill, the Botswana Blast combines a water slide attraction with a roller coaster-like experience. What a rush it is to careen around the rafters of the Kalahari's immense facility. Here's my ride review.

1/13/04 Indoor Water Parks Put the Wild in Wilderness
The sprawling Old West-themed Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, with 443 guest rooms, 40 vacation villas, 76 condo units, and 19 cabins, is so big, it has two lobbies. And three indoor water parks. You heard me right, pardner: three indoor water parks. With about 160,000 square feet of water-based fun, the resort can lay claim to the Dells'--and the world's for that matter--largest indoor water park resort. Read about Wilderness, including a feature article, an overview profile of the resort, tips to save money and enjoy a Wilderness Resort vacation, a photo gallery, and a review of the Fantastic Voyage water raft ride.

1/8/04 Kalahari Indoor Water Park and Resort in Wisconsin Dells
About Theme Parks profile of the enormous indoor/outdoor water park and resort. Includes photo galleries of the indoor water park and the resort.

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