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New Hampshire
Theme parks and amusement parks in New Hampshire
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New Hampshire theme parks and amusement parks are arranged alphabetically.

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Canobie Lake Park
Salem (near the MA border)
(603) 893-3506
A wonderful, traditional trolley park, and one of the last remaining family-owned, independent parks. Features the Yankee Cannonball wooden coaster, a turn-of-the-century carousel, the Boston Tea Party splashdown ride, and the Starblaster freefall tower.

Clark's Trading Post
North Woodstock (in the White Mountains)
(603) 745-8913
More a roadside attraction that's grown through the years than a theme park, Clark's nonetheless offers "Merlin's Mystical Mansion," a spinning room illusion attraction, bumper boats, an antique train, and other rides. The highlight is the trained bear show.

Hampton Beach
Hampton Beach (near the MA border)
(800) 438-2826
There are no major rides at this lovely stretch of beach, but there are a lot of arcades, food joints, a couple of water slides, mini-golf, and other great honky-tonk attractions.

Santa's Village
Jefferson (in the White Mountains)
(603) 586-4445
There have been a number of parks called "Santa's Village," but this is the original. It has the perfect blend of authentic nostalgia and contemporary appeal. Young children and adults alike will find its charm irresistible.

Six Gun City
Jefferson (in the White Mountains)
(603) 586-4592
An Old West-themed park. A cowboy show, with guests participating in the action, is the highlight. There are also some waterpark attractions.

Glen (in the White Mountains)
(603) 383-4186
A beguiling and meticulous park themed to classic fairy tales. The roller coaster, log flume, Tilt-A-Whirl, and other rides have been toned down for the under-12 set. It's loaded with charm and reasonably priced too.

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