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Arthur Levine

Arthur Levine

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One ride on a carousel, and Arthur Levine was hooked for life. Now an avowed park-aholic, he's been able to turn his passion into his profession. A travel writer who specializes in the amusement industry, Levine has been the Theme Parks Guide at About.com since 2002.

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Since 1992, Levine has also been writing travel features for magazines and newspapers and has been published in Consumers Digest, the Denver Post, the Boston Herald, the Columbus Dispatch, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and other publications. Reporters and producers frequently seek Levine's expertise and opinions about the amusement industry, and he has been cited in many national publications and newscasts. He has also been a guest on numerous radio shows and has been a featured speaker for industry organizations such as Walt Disney Imagineering. In addition to his travel writing, Levine is the owner of The ART of Communications, a writing and advertising business.


Arthur graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Education from the University of Hartford. What does this have to do with roller coasters? Absolutely nothing. (However, Connecticut's wonderful Lake Compounce is located near Arthur's alma mater.)

By Arthur Levine:

"My rallying cry: Life's too short--enjoy the ride. I'll bring you news about the amazing world of attractions and theme parks to help you discover the best coasters and rides and plan your vacations and day trips."

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